I believe I can fly 4th edition, enjoy!


New MOISE ! The supfoil by Horue - Light - Carbon made - Made in Europe!

HORUE 4K.00_02_02_00.Image fixe086petit.jpg

Want to run away from crowded spot?? 
Horue presents the first bungeespecially studied for foil pumping! Take a look at this amazing accessory in our  spare parts section!

Horue Movie strikes back! Enjoy these amazing edits with the new Noha and Vini !

New ECO ! The  affordable windfoil board by Horue!
 100% made in Europe, 100% carbon deep tuttle box, fin and foil ready!

New foil cover for Horue Vini!

100% made in  France by a windfoiler!

New Instagram profile to share better and faster with flying riders!


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New hardcore board!

86L - 151cm , the new Femto  is expert oriented to make the best tricks ever, from 15kts wind!

Horue started 10 years ago! We are now proud to launch the cheapest windfoil on the market!

Only 582.50€ w/o VAT  with 100% carbon wings, 100% made in France and less than 3 kg!



New board on our surf foil range : the Horue NOHA ! 

Available in Tuttle or Kf-box

The specific foil is coming very soon!

Board 100% made in Europe !

Stormy session for Horue's CEO Philippe Caneri in south of France!

Overpowered with a 2m² sail, that's another view of windfoiling!

Gear : Horue Tiny Pro 70L + Vini Cr - 2m² sail

The new SLANT has been designed by racers for racers.

Its design has been thought to be more efficient with big cambered sail, amazingly large on the rear, the 3 steps decks enhancing the slant of the rider!

Full carbon construction - made in Europe !

Available in 133L (216x88.5cm)

Designers : Bastien Escofet - Teiva Cantiran - Philippe Caneri

New board on our kitefoil range : the Horue PRINK ! 

The first kitefoil board with strap from Horue. Carbon construction made in Europe, very easy to use and deep tuttle box!

Horue launches the first sail ever especially done for windfoil ... and fully made in France !

The lighest sail ever with only 2.1kg for this 4.5m² !

The range will start with a 2m² and goes up to 8.5m². Stay tuned for all specs !

The new Caneri Pro Model available now! The lightest kitefoil board on the market!


Bastien Escofet showing how the windfoil gear works!

A good session with Bastien Escofet and Philippe Caneri with a good wind condition! Edit by Horue Movie Production.

Tiny Pro Model - Here we go!
The most amazing flight experience ever!

169cm tall with 70L, for sure the shortest windfoil board ever!

Available also in 90L and 105L

The Horue Team was on the event "la semaine affoilante" in Saint Pierre Quiberon on april 2016.

Philippe Caneri won the 500m speed run with the Tae Prototype (with more than 20kts average speed).  Jerome Coquillat, Horue's customer, ended 2nd with the Vini Serial windfoil!


New tutorial online! 

The 360° air is a really great tricks in lightwind  conditions! Check it out!

Combo Tiny + Vini : special pricing!

Special offer for board Tiny 200 + Vini is now online! Enjoy this amazing new sensation with efficient hydrofoil with a full carbon board able to make either windsurf and windfoil!

New tutorial online! Tacking in windfoil! Thanks to Horue Movie for this nice edit.

Philippe CANERI reinvents freestyle foil in each session! Here he is with its new trick : the Caneri Man!