From CAD design to integration of advanced technologies into our manufacturing processes, our R&D team works hard away to improve our processes and guarantee even more innovative products.

Why do we produce the lightest hydrofoils on market? Each carbon fiber inserted in the product is in line with an intrinsic mechanical needs, validated by our mechanical engineers and materials. As a result, our gear are extremely light, rigid and durable.

Philippe CANERI  28 yo 

Horue's owner, he designs and manufactures hydrofoil since 2007. Materials engineer graduate from the National School of Industrial Ceramics (ENSCI), he decided to create the Horue brand in 2013. He is the currently manufacturer is responsible for managing the serial production process and monitoring quality. He is also the main tester of all prototypes.

Valère CANERI  31 yo

Official Director Horue's official videos, he is also behind the design of the foils in 2007 and still active participant with its knowledge acquired in its formation.

All the videos are hosted on its YouTube channel: Horue Movie. Subscribe!