LW 799 Front wing


LW 799 Front wing

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Set including :

- 1 front wing carbon LW 799 (for Horue GP - Vini - Tae)


Warning, mast and stabilizer not included


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 The Horue lightwind wing is intended to be mounted on the foil Horue GP for use in a 8-25 kts wind range, with the same stabilizer.

This front wing was developed by our three engineers, and is the result of six months of research on performance in light wind condition. The wing profile minimizes drag before take off and provides a powerful lift even at low speeds, allowing very long glides even when the wind drops. The overall shape has allowed us to obtain a forward center of thrust for a very early planing. The elliptical lift distribution ensures minimum induced drag.


  • wingspan 80cm

  • Surface 799cm²

  • 100% carbon - flex locked

  • elliptical lift distribution - the lowest induced drag

  • forwarded thrust centre- early planing

  • high Cz template - powerful lift

  • take off in 8kts wind

  • windfoil use only in 8-22kts

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