H10 Evo

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H10 Evo


Who said that an entry level hydrofoil must be an aluminium chinese anchor? 


Horue started on 25th april 2017. For the 10th years of the brand, we are proud to present the most affordable windfoil on the market, 100% made in France, with 100% carbon front wing and rear wings molded in aluminum CNC machined mold (mold made in France).

With a mast / fuselage structure 100% 316L stainless steel welded in France, and deep tuttle box 100% 316L stainless steel machined and welded in France, the hydrodynamic part of the mast consists of a 100 % Carbon profile made in France, molded in aluminum CNC machined mold (mold made in France).

All this gear for less than 3kg all included! Yes, that's just amazing!



Set Including : 

- 1 mast Horue H10 Evo, Deep tuttle with "Plug'n Play" system (fiting in serial boards with deep tuttle - 68-82cm width recommended)

- 1 front wing 100% carbon

- 1 rear wing 100% carbon

- Screws, nuts, washers

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Pre-order now! First delivery in May!

For beginners and light winds, the H10 evo is very easy to access, lightweight, and allows to fly in less than 10kts of wind with a small sail.

  • 100% carbon front and rear wing- Made in France in aluminum machined molds
  • 100% carbon mast profile - Made in France in aluminum machined molds


  • Deep tuttle with hull holder "plug and play"
  • Wingspan 700mm (corresponding to a lift between the wing LW and XLW)
  • Fuselage length 730mm
  • Height of mast 770mm
  • Weight <3kg


  • Vini and GP Wing compatible with adaptive wedge (coming soon)